3 Step Process To Creating Compelling Internet Marketing Articles That Sell!

You may hear or think that article marketing is dead. A lot of people think simply because they do not know how to write compelling internet marketing articles that sell. They do not know how to set up the article to capture the reader’s attention.

Marketing is a series of steps. One thing leads to the next, and each step along the way your job is to get the prospect to take 1 desired action. This is the mark of a great marketing funnel. The simplest way to accomplish this is to follow the step by step formula below.

#1 The problem – The reason people read internet marketing articles is because they are looking for the solution to a problem that they are facing. It is impossible to write or create effective content that applies to everyone. Pick a target market, and think about the biggest problem that your piece of content will solve.

#2 The Agitation Stage – It is not enough that you describe a problem. This may sound a little harsh, but after you describe the problem, you rub salt in the wound. Your articles really have to hit close to home here.

Describe multiple failures, describe how the person feels. If you can describe how a person feels better than they can you instantly become an authority figure in their eyes.

#3 The Solution – After you have hit the “hot” button you lead them to the solution. This is the most important part of your articles. By describing their problem, and then making it worse, now you show them where to get the answers to their problem aka your offer.

Without this 3 step process it is hard to create compelling internet marketing articles. For a while I was writing article after article day after day knowing that other people were seeing results from their internet marketing articles.

I would get frustrated and think just maybe I am not a great writer, or maybe I just did not have enough information to offer people. Finally I found a webinar that showed me how to get my articles ranked in the search engines, and it quickly became the major source of my lead flow.

To find out more about how to create compelling internet marketing articles that sell read and click the link below.

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